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Artist Puts the “Wow” back into the Old Town Art Scene | By Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

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Susan Gallagher O’Neill is a phenomenal artist who is creating quite the stir in the Old Town art world.  Susan specializes in the human form and she has worked in sculpture, water color, charcoal and oil paintings.  Her works are something you must see in person. Susan has the gift that few artist do because when you see her works you are not only amazed by the exquisite detail but you actually “feel”.  Emotions are truly unlocked when you see Susan’s work.

10447074_10152508649441105_7106292540347913692_nSusan grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. At an early age she began to love art.  Her high school art teacher noticed Susan’s talents and began mentoring her.  Susan received an art scholarship to the University of Michigan where she became an avid Wolverine sports fan. She excelled in the Fine Arts program and further honed her artistic skills.  She resides in Alexandria with her husband Tom and their son Thomas. Her husband will soon be retiring from the U.S. Navy after serving our Country for over 30 years.

In Alexandria Susan continued to excel.  She garnered more knowledge from her friend and mentor Robert Liberace about the intricacies and nuances of light and shadow.  Her passion, love, and dedication for her art is only outweighed by her passion, love and dedication for her family.

Susan has traveled extensively.  Via her travels Susan discovered she adores “en plein air” painting.  “En plein air” is a french expression which means in the open air.  French impressionist artists Monet and Renoir advocated “en plein air” paintings.  Once Susan stepped foot onto the beautiful country of Japan she became enamored with all the possibilities of painting, drawing and sketching the beauty of the country.  She did many impressionist water colors of the landscapes of Japan which are quite stunning.  Susan also taught art to hundreds of students in Japan.  Though there was a language barrier Susan excelled at teaching because she utilized hands on techniques to teach her students.  Words were not always needed.


To meet Susan in person is simply a pleasure.  She is exuberant, always smiling, and just has a way of making you seem like you have been friends for years.  She is full of life and a person you enjoy being around.

Susan’s work is getting noticed.  She was selected as a finalist for the 2014/2015 Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon award.  Principle Gallery in Old Town , a premier gallery to get into, has four of Susan’s charcoal drawings on exhibit.  Susan has also received  the Certificate of Excellence by the Portrait Society of America in their 17th Annual International Portrait Competition.  Of the 1,799 entries she was one of 20 to receive this award.

Get one of Susan’s astounding pieces of art before they are gone.  To see more of her life’s works please visit her page at Susan Gallagher O’Neill Fine Art. She does not churn out hundreds of drawings or paintings simply to sell.  She is a true artist.  From her thoughts traveling from her mind through her fingers and then onto the canvas she painstakingly seeks perfection.  Artists come and go but once in a while you get to see one such as Susan Gallagher O’Neill that makes you go “wow”.

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