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Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg
Democrat for Mayor of Alexandria
I ask for Your Vote on Tuesday, June 9th!
“A Voice of Reason” – The Honorable Patsy Ticer

Notes from the Trail! 
(Please feel free to forward!)

Dear Friends,

Lots to share with you about our campaign! In this email, check out info about my being on Kojo’s show, absentee voting, our Meet & Greets, getting a yard sign,  making a contribution, how the first mayoral debate went, the debate schedule, and Earth Day!
Remember my site, www.allisonsilberberg.com, has a great deal of information about my platform, my background, plus media hits.
First, I want to thank all those who have joined our Allison Brigade!
Without you, our campaign would not be possible.
I am grateful to all those who are going door to door for our team!
You all are truly amazing.
Listen to the “Kojo Nnamdi Show” THIS Friday at noon!
I will be on WAMU.org‘s “Kojo Nnamdi Show: The Politics Hour” on WAMU.org (88.5 FM) on Friday, May 1, at noon. The show runs from noon to 1 pm. I am not sure what time I will be interviewed by Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood. Of course, I am delighted to be back on Kojo’s show. A video stream will be available at kojoshow.org.

Absentee Voting Has Started!

The Primary is Tuesday, June 9th, and absentee voting has started! Click here for information about absentee voting.
Meet & Greets!
Special thanks to all those who are hosting events for me in their homes. All the gatherings have been incredible.
(At a fabulous and delicious Meet & Greet, hosted by Angela Calos and Kathy Bowdring, at Angela’s home in Del Ray. Pictured are: Angela Calos, Ken Hill, Mark Fraase, yours truly, and Kathy Bowdring.)
Yard Signs, Window Signs & Bumper Stickers! Oh my!
Our yard signs are in folks’s yards all over town. Please let us know if you would like a Yard Sign, a Bumper Sticker, and/or a Window Sign. Ken Hill delivers super fast!  Many thanks to Ken! What would I do without Ken? And if you would like to be part of our growing Yard Sign Team, please email Ken! It is really fun and makes a big difference.

Thank you for all the Contributions!
Huge thanks for your generous contributions. Because of your help, we have been able to buy yard signs, thousands of grip cards, window signs, bumper stickers, and lapel stickers. Every dollar makes a big difference with our grassroots, all-volunteer campaign.
Right now, we are focused on raising funds to cover our mass mailings to voters. A contribution of any size will make a difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
To support my campaign for Mayor with a check, please click here.
Checks may be made payable to:
Friends of Allison Silberberg.
Please send to:
Friends of Allison Silberberg.
c/o Allison Silberberg
1544 Mount Eagle Place
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2120


Join the Allison Brigade & Make a Difference!

There are many ways to make a difference. Please join our team! This is a real grassroots campaign!
Would you like to cover your block for me?
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator,
Alan Chodos @ alanforallison@gmail.com.
Need a Yard Sign or Bumper Sticker?
We Will Gladly Deliver!
Contact our Yard Sign Coordinator,
Ken Hill @  kenhill@verizon.net.
Host a Coffee or an Event!
Contact our Events Coordinator,
Ernie Lehmann @  ernestjoseflehmann@gmail.com.

The Debates

Our first mayoral debate was on Thursday, April 23, and was hosted by the Taylor Run Citizens’ Association and the Clover College Park Civic Association. The organizers did an outstanding job. The cafeteria was packed, and we covered many topics.
Please join me for any and all of the debates. It would be excellent to see you there. No need to rsvp!
The Debate Schedule 
(Please see the organizations’ sites to confirm information.)
– 8 am, Friday, May 1: The Eisenhower Partnership is hosting a mayoral forum/breakfast at SHRM, which is located at 1800 Duke Street.
– 7 pm, Tuesday, May 5: The Alexandria Democratic Committee is hosting a debate at Hammond Middle School, which is located at 4646 Seminary Road.
– 7 pm, Monday, May 18: The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mayoral debate at George Washington Middle School, which is located at 1005 Mount Vernon Avenue.
– 7:30 pm, Thursday, May 21: NOTICe (The North Old Town Independent Citizens’ Association of Alexandria, Virginia) is hosting a mayoral debate at the Best Western Old Colony Inn, which is located at 1101 North Washington Street.
– 7 pm, Tuesday, June 2: The Alexandria Democratic Committee is hosting a mayoral debate at George Washington Middle School, which is located at 1005 Mount Vernon Avenue.
Please plan to arrive early to ensure that you will have a seat.
Earth Day!
Every day is Earth Day. Last Saturday, it was fun and meaningful to join tons of Alexandrians for the city’s Earth Day activities. First, I joined the Tree Stewards in Tarleton Park, where numerous volunteers planted at least a dozen trees. It was inspiring. I love the Tree Stewards. Hats off to Bonnie Petry for her leadership. Many thanks to Rod Simmons of our city’s staff for his ingenuity and help with our city’s open space and parks.
Second, Mindy Lyle organized a large team effort to spruce up Ewald Park. Activities included planting trees  (see the photo) and flowers as well as painting a new fence. Many thanks to Bonnie, Mindy, and all those who participated in both events and those who donated the materials.
I also loved being at our city’s official Earth Day event at Ben Brenman Park.
Many thanks to one and all! The enthusiasm for our mayoral campaign across the whole city is phenomenal. Thank you for your friendship, belief, and support. I am grateful and honored.
All my best,
Allison Silberberg
Vice Mayor of Alexandria
Democrat for Mayor
Twitter: @A_Silberberg
Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Allison Silberberg.

This Notes from the Trail email was sent out by Allison Silberberg April 30th 2015. Old Town Post has since been given permission to publish this as well as future Notes From the Trail. All of the information is the same as the original email however some formatting errors occurred when publishing to oldtownpost.com. We apologize that we were unable to correct those errors. 

Old Town Post reached out to all of the Mayoral candidates on May 1st. We’ve since received an email from Kerry Donley that we’ve been added to his email list. Old Town Post has not heard back from William “Bill” Euille.

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