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Photo by Karen Elliott Greisdorf
Photo by Karen Elliott Greisdorf
Notes from the Trail!



Dear Friends,

We have less than a month until the June 9th Primary, and things are going great! I have tons to share with you about our campaign.

Watch our Campaign Kickoff Video!


Click here to watch our Campaign Kickoff Video. Just two minutes. It is also on the HOME page of www.allisonsilberberg.com.

Huge thanks to the award-winning Double R Productions for their friendship, talent, and remarkable generosity. Thanks to the Double R team: Rosemary Reed, Paul Jamali, Catherine Baum, Maxine Mendelovici, Hyoji Sun, Jessica Bouyer, and Delvakio Brown. I am so grateful!

Thanks to our Growing Team!

My personal thanks to everyone on our campaign! We have the most amazing team of dedicated souls who are working so hard! I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you. You are outstanding!
So many of you are going door to door, standing at farmer’s markets each weekend, attending debates with me, putting up or fixing yard signs all over town, hosting events for me, sharing information about our campaign with friends and neighbors, and so much more. Thank you, one and all!
If you would like to join the Allison Brigade, please email  

Remember my site, www.allisonsilberberg.com, has a great deal of information about my platform, my background, plus media hits.

Absentee Voting!

The Primary is Tuesday, June 9th, and absentee voting started on April 24th! Click here for information about absentee voting.
Meet & Greets!
Special thanks to all those who are hosting events for me in their homes. We are having a blast. All the gatherings have been incredible.
Yard Signs, Window Signs, & Bumper Stickers! Oh my!

Driving home from City Hall, I saw our sign in front of this home in Old Town. It is a thrill for me to see all the support across our whole city. Our window signs and bumper stickers are around town, too. Heartfelt thanks!

Please email Ken, our Yard Sign Guru, if you would like a Yard Sign, a Bumper Sticker, and/or a Window Sign. Ken Hill delivers fast!
Many thanks to Ken! And my thanks to Winnie Hill for all her help with keeping track of our records. Ken and Winnie make a wonderful combination. My thanks to Dipti Pidikiti-Smith, our phenomenal treasurer, as well as Ernie Lehmann, our events coordinator, and John Salmon, our campaign manager, and Vicki Salmon, who is terrific wearing many hats on the team, including as coach. And big thanks to Betty Guttmann, our outreach coordinator, plus Robin Woods, our Parkfairfax Brigade coordinator, Alan Chodos, our volunteer coordinator, and our co-chairs, Laura Mandala and Eileen Cassidy Rivera. What would I do without all of their help, guidance, and support? My thanks to all of you and everyone on the team.
Thank you for all the Contributions!
Personal thanks for your generosity. We are doing well because of your help. Every dollar makes a big difference with our grassroots, all-volunteer campaign.
We continue to be focused on raising funds to cover our mass mailings to voters. A contribution of any size will make a difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
To support my campaign for Mayor with a check, please click here.
Checks may be made payable to:
Friends of Allison Silberberg.
Please send to:

Friends of Allison Silberberg.

c/o Allison Silberberg

1544 Mount Eagle Place

Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2120


Join the Allison Brigade & Make a Difference!

There are many ways to make a difference. Please join our team! This is a real grassroots campaign!

Would you like to cover your block for me?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator,

Alan Chodos @ alanforallison@gmail.com.

Need a Yard Sign or Bumper Sticker?

We Will Gladly Deliver!

Contact our Yard Sign Coordinator,

Ken Hill @  kenhill@verizon.net.

Host a Coffee or an Event!

Contact our Events Coordinator,

Ernie Lehmann @  ernestjoseflehmann@gmail.com.

The Latest Debate
The Eisenhower Partnership and the Alexandria Democratic Committee hosted the latest debates. Check out the media hits from the ADC debate.
The Washington Post: “Mayoral candidates in Alexandria take verbal gloves off in second debate”
WAMU (88.5 FM): “Potomac Yard, Dod Facility Divide Mayoral Candidates in Alexandria Debate”
Please join me for any and all of the debates. No need to rsvp!
The Debate Schedule 
(Please see the organizations’ sites to confirm information.)
– 7 pm, Monday, May 18: The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mayoral debate at George Washington Middle School, which is located at 1005 Mount Vernon Avenue.
– 7 pm, Thursday, May 21: NOTICe (The North Old Town Independent Citizens’ Association of Alexandria, Virginia) is hosting a mayoral debate at the Best Western Old Colony Inn, which is located at 1101 North Washington Street.
– 7 pm, Tuesday, June 2: The Alexandria Democratic Committee is hosting a mayoral debate at George Washington Middle School, which is located at 1005 Mount Vernon Avenue.
Please plan to arrive early to ensure that you will have a seat.
A Heartfelt Special Birthday Wish for friends in their 80s and 90s!
Heartfelt best wishes to dear friends and family having birthdays, including: Bernie Hillenbrand (in the photo with me last Sunday at his fabulous birthday party when he turned 90!); June Leib, Inge Goettler, and Lisa Brachman. (Okay, Lisa is still in her 50s!) Happy Birthday!
Council Work

Big thanks to Mark McHugh, my good friend and Administrative Aide, who is a huge help to me at City Hall on a daily basis. Great job, Mark!

My personal thanks to one and all! The enthusiasm for our mayoral campaign across the whole city is phenomenal. Thank you for all your friendship, belief, and support. I am grateful and honored.
All my best,

Allison Silberberg

Vice Mayor of Alexandria

Democrat for Mayor





Twitter: @A_Silberberg

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