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Dear Neighbors,

Here is an update from today’s Waterfront Commission meeting:

1.  Ad Hoc Monitoring Group on Waterfront Construction

The Ad Hoc Monitoring Group on Waterfront Construction is meeting 6:00 pm, June 8, in the Sister Cities conference room at City Hall, to discuss the construction plan for Robinson Terminal North.

Here is a link to presentation from their last meeting which discussed haul routes for the Indigo Hotel (Carr) and the City’s general criteria for selecting the route.

Carr expects the number of trucks per day per phase:

• Demolition: 30 trucks/day (5 weeks)
• Excavation: 40-50 trucks/day
• Construction: 5-10 trucks/day

2.  Waterfront Development Schedule

I’m attaching a copy of the Waterfront development schedule.  The Boat Club will be completed by the end of 2016. Next, the Indigo Hotel – mid-2017. Robinson Terminals North and South will be completed in the first half of 2018.

Note that Fitzgerald Square will not be worked on until 2025.  There are no plans to make landscaping changes outside of the Core Area (Queen to Duke) before 2025.

3. Old Town Area Parking Study Working Group

A. Metered Parking

The OTAPS working group approved two proposals regarding parking meters west of Albert Street:

* The meters should allow parking for up to 3 hours.
* Parking meters should be in force until 7:00 pm, instead of the current 9:00 pm.

B. Residential Parking

The City proposed three tools that could be used to ease parking issues in Old Town:

* Limit the number of permits households may purchase
* Add paid parking (using the smartphone app Pango, not meters) on residential streets that are frequently used by visitors
* Provide resident only parking on specific streets (or sides of streets)

The OTAPS Working Group did not reach any decisions regarding the use of any of these tools.  I would say that every tool is controversial.

At the Waterfront Commission meeting, there was no consensus that we even need a solution to the parking problems – several members believe that the lack of adequate parking is the correct policy to force people to use alternative forms of transportation.

The next OTAPS meeting is 6 pm, May 27, in the Sister Cities Room.

4. Dredging the Oronoco Street outfall

The City continues its cleanup of creosote and other hydrocarbons from the Oronoco outfall.  They will dredge a large area south of the Robinson Terminal North pier.  They will need to fence in a strip of land along the north edge of Founders Park and an area just south of where Oronoco Road meets the river.  The City assures us that they will take appropriate precautions to protect all trees. Work will begin in October and end in January.

5.  Windmill Park Shoreline Restoration

The bulkheads at Windmill Park have been dangerously deteriorating.  The Commission approved a plan to remove the bulkheads and reconfigure the bay as a ‘living waterfront’, that is, with natural habitat.  This plan is a modification of a plan proposed in 2003! (Correct, 2003)


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