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Whimpop Natural Frozen Fruit Pops Opening Soon at 1309 King | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

Courtesy of Whimpop Pinterest
Courtesy of Whimpop Pinterest
Courtesy of Whimpop Pinterest


The folks at Whimpop (fresh, frozen, natural fruit popsicles) have been working fast and furious for several months to get their shop up and running at 1309 King.

Whimpop is the idea of Maria Romano. Many of her flavors of fruit pops are indicative of her Mexican culture.  She began making her fruit pops in her kitchen at her home.   The fresh ingredients in her tasty fruit pops quickly garnered her a lot of  followers.  Her business grew.  In 2012, she began selling her frozen fruit pops at Oakton, VA Smart Markets.

Her fruit pops integrate flavors from all over the world.  Maria gets as many ingredients as possible from local farmer markets.  All whimpops are made with real fruit and no color or additional flavorings are added.  For a list of all their exciting flavors visit the Whimpop web site.  With the heat of summer coming, OTP and many others will be looking forward to Whimpop’s opening day.  Whimpop has been added to the most comprehensive list of Eats & Drinks in Old Town.


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