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GC Myers Solo Art Exhibition | News Release | Principle Gallery

From Out of the Blue 24×30, acrylic on canvas
GC Myers
Native Voice
Solo Exhibition Friday, June 5th 6:30-9pm
GC Myers paints honestly, creatively, and beautifully. His landscapes reflect the beauty of the world around us as well as the complex and multi-faceted beauty of the human experience. They allow the viewer to revel in color, to contemplate the path ahead, to appreciate the surrounding light, and to reflect on the fresh emotions of the moment. That’s quite the achievement for a depiction of hills and trees. Indeed, it is the mark of an artist who can paint from the heart. Texture appears in glorious variety, in dappled and dotted skies and striped, rippling fields. There is a quality of openness and authenticity in this artwork, as though we the viewer are getting a peek inside the artist’s heart as well as into our own. At once simplified and intricate, these landscapes transcend ordinary depictions of land, sea, and sky. They combine familiar aspects of our external world with equally universally familiar aspects of our internal world–struggle, joy, triumph, peace, contemplation, etc. Whether through understated harmony of color and line or through vivid textures and a complicated composition, these paintings seem to speak to the viewer on a personal level.
The artist will be present during the reception. We hope you will join us!
Contact the gallery for a full preview!
Living in Color 48×30, acrylic on canvas
Clair de Lune 30×24, acrylic on canvas
Solitude and Reverence 24×36, acrylic on canvas
The New Avalon 10×20, acrylic on canvas

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