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Food Trucks in the City of Alexandria – please take the survey!

  • What do you think about food trucks in City of Alexandria?  We would like to know. Alexandria is currently testing a pilot program to allow food trucks in the City. This Fall, Council will consider whether to initiate a further study to adopt regulations or not. Please take our brief survey and make your opinion known! Your survey answers will help the City Council decide the next steps.

On May 17, 2014, Alexandria City Council  adopted a Pilot Program that will allow food trucks to operate in off-street locations on public and private property. The Program will begin on July 1, 2014, and run through December 31, 2015. The Program is designed to introduce food trucks within the City of Alexandria on a limited basis to provide the City with data to evaluate a successful food truck program.

The Pilot Program will: 

  • Provide the City with data to use in evaluating whether to adopt a more comprehensive food truck program, to adopt a permanent program for food trucks to operate only off street, or to not adopt a permanent program;
  • Provide the City with data to use in evaluating the appropriate regulation of food trucks to minimize negative impacts to the community and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles;
  • Provide the City with data to use in evaluating the positive impacts of Food Trucks on the community;
  • Introduce the use of food trucks to the public; and
  • Allow the City to evaluate the costs and staffing needs of such a program.

City Manager Adopts Administrative Regulations

On June 26, City Manager Rashad M. Young  adopted two Administrative Regulations, developed with community input, to 1) administer the Food Truck Pilot Program and 2) establish the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities (RPCA) policy on food truck vending in public parks and recreation centers.  The Administrative Regulations went through a public comment period in which the City Manager invited the community to submit written comments online on the draft administrative regulations. Additionally, the community had the opportunity to provide comment at the June 19 Park and Recreation Commission public hearing. On June 24, City Council reviewed and approved the draft regulations, authorizing the City Manager to finalize them for the July 1 program start date.

Vending Information

Contact Us

Report a Food Truck Policy violation with Call.Click.Connect. 

If you have a complaint:

  • During business hours, call Planning and Zoning – 703.746.4666.
  • After hours and weekends, call the Police non-emergency number – 703.746.4444.

Provide feedback on the Pilot Program

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact:

Alex Dambach 
Division Chief for Land Use Services
Planning & Zoning

Joanna C. Anderson
Assistant City Attorney
City Attorney’s Office 

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