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Restaurant Eve’s Filipino Tasting Menu makes Zagat’s 10 Best Things We Ate in 2015 | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

Rina Rapuano recently wrote an Article for Zagat entitled “The 10 Best Things We Ate in 2015 (So Far)”.  One of the meals Zagat chose was from one of the restaurants on Old Town’s most complete listing of Eats & Drinks.  The restaurant is Restaurant Eve located at 110 S. Pitt..  The meal was from one of Restaurant Eve’s featured menus entitled “The Filipino Tasting Menu”.

Chef/Proprietor Cathal Armstrong features, among other things, barbecue pork belly and kinilaw on this Filipino tasting menu.  All items prepared off of this menu are served family-style.  Kinilaw, or often referred to as kiliwan, is a mixture of raw fish and spices that is “cooked” with vinegar and citric acid from limes and lemons.  This dish is sometimes called Filipino ceviche as well.

Click on the link for the complete listings and full story of Zagat’s “The 10 Best Things We Ate in 2015 (So Far)”.

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