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Resource Recovery Announcements
• Holiday Solid Waste Collection Announcements
• Recycling & Trash Reminders
• Backyard Composting
• Connect with T&ES on Facebook

More Information:
• Department of Transportation & Environmental Services, Resource Recovery Division 
• Eco-City Alexandria Initiative 
Trash and Recycling Collection
Residential refuse and recycling will be collected the week of July 4. The Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collections Drop-off Center will be closed on July 4. For more information, visit alexandriava.gov/ResourceRecovery

Recycling & Trash Reminders 

These items CAN be recycled and placed in your recycling cart each week:

• Aerosol cans (that dispense things like shaving cream and spray starch)
• Cartons (juice and milk containers)
• Bound books (consider donating or reusing)

For a complete list of recyclable items or more information visit: alexandriava.gov/Recycling.

These items CAN’T be recycled and should be placed into the trash, so they do not contaminate other recyclable materials.
• Baby diapers
• Plastic garden hoses
• Styrofoam (disposable cups, containers, blocks, and shipping materials)

Backyard Composting
Moisture is a key ingredient in the composting process, and a compost pile often dries out in the summer heat. Without moisture (usually from rain), the composting process stops or slows down. Remember to water your compost pile, in order to keep the material damp and continue the natural composting process. For more information about composting at home visit alexandriava.gov/YardWaste.

Connect with T&ES on Facebook!
Are you connected with the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES) on Facebook? Social media is an easy way residents can connect and engage with T&ES to get up-to-the minute information about programs, projects, services, community outreach, meetings, and more. The T&ES Facebook page shares information on topics such as transportation planning, trash and recycling service, road work and maintenance, traffic, infrastructure and engineering projects, Eco-City Alexandria and environmental initiatives, emergency cleanup efforts, and more. To connect with this Facebook page or learn more about City social media sites, visit: alexandriava.gov/SocialMedia.

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