Bob Wood Launches Race for Alexandria City Council | News Release | Old Town Post


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                     July 12, 2015

Bob Wood told  a cheering crowd of supporters gathered Sunday in the courtyard of historic Gadsby’s Tavern that he is running for the Alexandria City Council to “set a course for a “New Day in our city.”

“It’s time for a new day in Alexandria,” he said. “A new day marked by renewed trust between citizens and their City Council, a new day marked by respect earned and returned through civic discourse and thoughtful debate (and) a new day marked by better city planning based on today’s realities, not outdated assumptions.”

Wood noted that while he understands and supports development, he said development in Alexandria has too often been “out place, out of scale, and out of touch with the local community. Development goes forward with too little regard for needed infrastructure.” 

Wood has extensive experience in education, planning and management. He is a veteran with 36 years of service in the U.S. Army. He said education services and achievement, business growth and support, and improvements in financial planning are key priorities of his campaign.

Image from: http://www.woodforcouncil.com/UserFiles/image/WFC.jpg


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