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 The Confederate Flag was taken down from the South Carolina State House at 10:00 a.m. on July 10, 2015.  Prior to the South Carolina Confederate flag being lowered and removed talks among citizen’s and government officials were underway to get rid of other Confederate symbols and names.

Alexandria is part of the wave that is sweeping the country to remove all historic names and symbols that have a tie to the Confederacy.  City Council will reconvene in September and assurances have been made that on the discussion table will be removal of the Appomattox statue that stands at the intersection of Washington and Prince.  Where do you think this should end? George Washington was a renowned slave owner.  Should government eradicate his name and historic markings from our country?  If that is done then there will not be a lot of historic Alexandria left to talk about.  Many military installations are named after Confederate Soldiers.  Must they also be renamed?

Over 3500 people have already signed an online petition to rename the Jefferson Davis highway.  The JD Highway passes through northern Virginia and extends south to the North Carolina line.  It is also known as Route 1.  The highway was planned as a cross country passageway in 1920.  The road was sponsored by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The petition to rename the highway can be found at Change.org.

Twice a year the Confederate flag is flown in Alexandria: on Robert E. Lee’s birthday (January 19th) and on Confederate Memorial day (varying dates) at the site of the Appomattox statue.  Should the flag flying cease and the statue remain or do both need to go?

Historic Old Town Alexandria is set for changes: first the waterfront development and now the Confederacy issues.


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  1. What a sad and pathetic commentary on the City of Alexandria. The next step will be the removal of all things named Washington and Jefferson. The last time I checked both were slaveholders. Maybe you should consider closing Mt. Vernon or changing the name of the elementary school. This is a perfect example of political correctness to the extreme.

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