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Southside 815 Group Acquiring Cedar Knoll | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

A Southside 815 group, consisting of Greg Dushaw, Ben Benson, John Kurtz, Kevin Keefer, and Theresa Keefer, is in the process of acquiring the former Cedar Knoll restaurant.  Cedar Knoll closed its doors in November of 2014.

Built in the early 1800’s, Cedar Knoll Restaurant is located one mile from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate at 9030 Lucia Lane.  Cedar Knoll has a fantastic view of the Potomac River with both indoor and outdoor seating.

One of the hurdles the new owners may have to overcome is that the zoning for the property is one of a “nonconforming use” in a residential zoned area.  Unless something can be worked out with Fairfax County, the new owners would not be allowed to enlarge the building or add rooms.  Also, the second floor of the restaurant  was not allowed for dining patrons.

The Southside group seems to have a knack of succeeding at running restaurants.  Their winning combination is great food, great service, and a “Cheers” atmosphere where everybody knows your name.  Southside 815 has flourished for years under the tutelage of Greg Dushaw.  Also, the Keefer husband and wife team is back in the Southside fold after their restaurant success in Longs, South Carolina.  In 2008 they bought a southern cuisine restaurant named Southern Caviar.  Theresa’s culinary skills turned the South Carolina restaurant into a money maker.  Check out Theresa’s dinner specials at Southside 815 and you will quickly learn to appreciate her culinary acumen.  Kevin’s management style and likable personality were also keys to the couple’s success.  The couple sold the restaurant in 2011.  The Keefer’s returned to Southside and have helped grow it’s popularity.

Cedar Knoll is a great location and the team assembled to run it has all the tools to succeed.  Best of luck to this group as they move forward in creating another great restaurant.


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