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Fefe’s Pet Profile . . .


Hi! My name is Fefe. I’m a girl Yorkie and I’m little. Only 3 pounds.

My favorite thing to do in Old Town use to be walking on the fountain in Market Square. But I’ve got a bum leg now so I’d rather get walked to my boat in my pink polka dot stroller and just hang out there!

My favorite toy is my teddy bear. I can’t sleep without it!

My naughtiest moment was when I climbed up on the coffee table to get green beans. It was worth it. They were good.

I get cranky if I don’t get my belly rubs. But they always give them to me so I don’t know for sure :-).

I don’t like rain. I bark it away! Sometimes it takes me awhile but I always get ‘er done.

I love sunshine. I’ll follow it in the house and lay down in the sunlight with my teddy bear.

My hidden talent is I’m a good shopper and airline passenger. When I’m in my bag you don’t even know I’m there because I’m so quiet.

I’m unique because I have an overbite and my tongue sticks out. When I got older my front teeth had to get pulled and it sticks out even further. It’s really cute!

Here are some selfies & snapshots of me and my family. Hope you enjoy!

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