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  Alexandria has been deemed the 5th most romantic city in the country.   It was also the only city east of the Mississippi River to make the top 10.  Factors that went into figuring out the most romantic cities included:  percentage of the population that is married, romantic restaurants per capita, boutique hotels per capita, public parks per capita and walkability score.

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An online bouquet retailer, named ProFlowers, conducted the study to determine the most romantic cities in the U.S.  ProFlowers concluded that Alexandria’s fifth place ranking was due to the following results:   Percentage of the population that is married – 88th place Romantic restaurants per capita – 17th place Boutique hotels per capita – 22nd place Public parks per capita – 23rd place Walkability score – 27th place ProFlowers analysis started with a list of the 200 most populous U.S. cities and ranked them from one to 200 in each of the five data sets. Data was gathered through U.S. Census, Yelp and Walk Score. Sunnyvale, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, Torrance, California and Seattle, Washington took spots one through four, in that order, as the most romantic city in the country.  A top five showing is pretty great for our historic waterfront city.  For a complete listing of all the cities click on the ProFlowers link.

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