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Joe Demshare, Deena de Montigny, Tony Kupersmith, and Pete Bernstein hosted a Meet ‘N Greet for Van Van Fleet at Deena & Joe’s home off Prince St. in Old Town. All GOP candidates were invited to attend as well. The event was a smash hit with fabulous food and beverages courtesy of the hosts.

Van Van Fleet spoke about ‘A Time For Change’ on Alexandria’s City Council.  He discussed the need for fiscal audits and removing redundancy and inefficiency in government programs. Let’s ‘Ditch the Decal’ was a proposal resounded and cheered by listeners, just one measure to reduce taxes for Alexandria citizens, and a potential tax reform. Van spoke on solutions to the City’s massive infrastructure and development issues, insuring positive change via development that
is appropriate and fits into Old Town architecture, slowing the development rush to allow for infrastructure of roads, and city services to support the development. He pushed for revenue building by filling up the 18% vacancy rates in the City’s commercial properties. Van spoke about the dire straights of many Alexandria City schools and the need to rebuild and reconstitute top notch education in our schools.

Van Fleet’s speech was cheered on and all were very pleased to hear proposed ‘Solutions’ to the City’s problems, rather than explicatives on the issues.

GOP candidates Van Van Fleet, Bob Wood and Fernando Torrez were all in attendance and a great event was had by all.

Content provided by the campaign for “Van” Van Fleet for Alexandria City Council. 


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As your elected official, my agenda on Council will be to:

Rebuild the city’s trust by demanding increased transparency at City Hall.

Preserve the historic nature of our neighborhoods, while allowing respectful development.

Provide adequate resources to our safety net, the Alexandria Police and Fire Departments, so that they can focus on their jobs.

Improve the quality of education in our schools. Emphasize learning not buildings.

Endorse sensible growth in which future developments fit into our neighborhoods, and are tied directly to the ability of our local roads and related infrastructure to handle the predictable increase in traffic and demand on services.

Initiate a thorough independent performance audit of the City’s Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets to ensure that the citizens of Alexandria are receiving cost effective, efficient and reliable services.

Tackle the structural imbalance between our revenues and expenditures which has resulted in a 300% increase in our current debt ($530 million) over the past ten years.

Pursue the use of referendums through the state’s General Assembly so that our citizens are able to approve or disapprove the funding of large capital projects.

Recruit new businesses to come to Alexandria to eliminate the current commercial property vacancy rate of 17% while simultaneously increasing our tax revenues. Establish a business friendly climate.

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