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Hi! I’m Woody Berman. I’m a 98 pound White Lab. I’m a boy. And I’m two and a half.

My favorite thing to do in Old Town is sit on the back on my boat and say hello to all the people entering the Old Dominion Boat Club.

My favorite toy is anything my human siblings are playing with. I like to grab things and run away, they have to play chase to get their toy back.

My naughtiest moment was the one time I ate a stuffed animal of my human sister, Ava. I thought it was fun to chew the head off and pull the stuffing out. Ava was sad when she saw and I felt really bad.

I get cranky if my family is really busy. They play sports and go to school and they can’t always play with me. If they are home and doing something else I tend to bark in their faces letting them know I am there and am done being ignored.

I don’t like to be left alone during the day for too long. My mom comes in and out a lot during the day, but when she is gone to long, not a happy puppy!

I love my family. I love to sleep with them, walk with them, play chase and fetch with them, go swimming with them. Pretty much anything active with my family is fun.

My hidden talent is I’m a good at hiding things. I like to hide things in the back yard. Just my toys and stuff. It’s fun to take toys and bones outside and find a place to hide them.

I’m unique because I can stare down my cat sister and win. She likes to come over to me when I am resting and we have contests on who will look away first. I win a lot!!!

Here are some pictures of me and my family. I hope you like them . . .

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