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Principle Gallery Chosen for International Guild of Realism Exhibit | News Release | Principle Gallery

We’re proud to announce that Principle Gallery has been chosen as the venue for the International Guild of Realism’s 10th Annual Juried Exhibition! 81 national and international artists were selected to show 91 pieces. This enormous exhibition will have an artist reception on August 28th with many artists in attendance. We will share images from the exhibition on our social media pages between now
and the end of August, so be sure to follow us!
Contact the gallery for a full exhibition preview!
On display August 18th – September 18th 
Michael DeVore
“The Weathered Vase” 24×24, oil on linen
Ed Copley
“A Special Treat” 10.5×8, oil on panel
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
“Ripple Effect” 38×48, oil on canvas
Solo Exhibition “Native Voices”: On view now!
Casey Childs
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: September 25th, 6:30-9:00pm
Contact the gallery for a full exhibition preview!
Colin Fraser
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: October 16th, 6:30-9:00pm
Contact the gallery for a full exhibition preview!
A Blog Series Delving into Art Processes
and Answering Questions
Arbitrary color refers to a choice of color in an artwork that has no basis in the realistic appearance of the object depicted (think purple cows, yellow sky, pink sun, etc.). When painting, many artists choose their colors with the intention to portray the realistic appearance of their subject. However, sometimes an artist will change up the colors of what they are depicting, often with an emotional or expressive significance, but sometimes for the pure sake of playing with color!
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Recent Arrivals
Felicia Forte
Portrait 10×12, oil on prepared paper
Carnation 12×9, oil on parepared paper
Louise Fenne
The Coming of Spring 28×24
oil on canvas
Portrait of a Cockatoo No. 2 8×6,
pastel on paper
Barbara Flowers
Iris and Lemons  40×40, oil on canvas
Magnolias 30×40, oil on canvas
Lisa Noonis
Clementines 12×12, oil on panel
Mixed Bouquet 12×12, oil on panel
Gavin Glakas
Chinatown Dawn 24×39, oil on panel
7th and F 20×20, oil on panel
Elizabeth Floyd
In and Out of the Garden 30×36, oil on linen
Teresa Fischer
Crossed Lines 18×24, oil on panel
Buck 24×36, oil on panel
Laura Pritchett
Faith 20×24, oil on panel
The Quiet 11×14, oil on panel
Horizon 48×24, oil on panel
Spirit Island 20×16, oil on panel
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