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Hi! My name is Cricket. I am a long-haired chihuahua. I am a female and I weight 5 pounds.

My favorite thing to do in Old Town is meet everyone I see!

My favorite toy is my squirrels in a nest.

My naughtiest moment was when I stood on my back legs for long enough to steal trash from the can and lick the wrappers clean. Oops!

I get cranky if I have to stay at home by myself for too long.

I don’t like puppies with high energy.

I love kids and babies that want to play with me. I’m more of a people person than a doggie person.

My hidden talent is dancing on my back legs for a long time! It’s cute!

I’m unique because my parents and siblings are short-haired not long-haired like me.

Here are some pictures of me and my mommy. I hope you like them . . .

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