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Hi! My name is Murphy Herron. I’m a 15 year old, male, West Highland Terrier. I weigh 29 pounds due to my big bones!

My favorite things to do in Old Town are to sniff around in Founders Park and get doggy cupcakes from the Waterfront Market.

My favorite toys are any that have squeakers in them.

My naughtiest moment was pooping in the middle of Pet Smart which traumatized my dad.

I get cranky when my I’m caught eating out of Sammy dog’s bowl.

I love riding in the golf cart down at the beach.

I don’t like having Sammy dog out of my sight.

My hidden talent is being the pack leader on the Westie walks in London’s Regents Park.

I’m unique because my left ear won’t stand up anymore.

Here are some pictures of me and my family! I hope you like them . . .

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