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My name is Champion Starhaven StephLynn Rolling Thunder, but my street name is Boomer. I have many other names my Man Servant calls me, close to 15, but Boomer will do until you know me better. I’m a 12 year old French Bulldog, all male (nothing missing!), and I used to weigh around 25 pounds before I began to shrink.

Founder’s Park is my main pleasure spot to visit in Old Town. My manservant and human Dad takes me there in a stroller almost every morning to sniff and visit, and sometimes my human Mom and Dad take me and my daughter Tinker Belle to sit on a bench in Founder’s Park and watch the activities. I really like people watching.

I pretty much love any squeaky toy. The whole point of them is to play tug of war and destroy them as soon as possible.

My naughtiest moment was probably the time when Dad was alone on his birthday, and I snuck up on the coffee table and ate his birthday chocolate truffles when he wan’t looking. I think whomever spread the rumor that chocolate is poison to dogs was a cat.

I get cranky when Tinker Belle hectors me too much or tries to dominate me. Otherwise, I’m a pretty even happy go lucky kind of fellow.

I don’t like continental breakfasts or being pulled away from especially great sniffs at the park. I’m not too crazy about snow and ice either.

I love breakfast, lunch and dinner; going to the park and other places to sniff; napping in my donut and Dad’s mindless scratching and rubbing sessions. I also love the ladies; I give nice little kisses.

My hidden talent is that I can be selectively deaf when given commands and can pretend to go into a trance.

I’m unique because God couldn’t have made another such handsome and lovable Frenchie.

Here are some pictures of me. I hope you like them . . .

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