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Alexandria, VA – Fernando Torrez for Alexandria City Council campaign picked up momentum when two of the nation’s largest Latino media outlets, Telemundo and Univison, attended Thursday’s “Friends of West End” event held at Los Toltecos.

Torrez was born in Bolivia and emigrated to Virginia with his parents in the early 1990’s. Upon moving to Alexandria, the Torrez family opened a Bolivian restaurant, a decision that installed a business mindset on Torrez at an early age. Torrez went on to serve 9 years in the United States Air Force and during his enlistment, he opened a small IT company called Nanotech. In 2009, Nanotech expanded into one of Alexandria’s leading IT companies serving residential and small to medium-small businesses.

The backbone of Torrez City Council candidacy is to improve the quality of life for Alexandrians by strengthening the city’s infrastructure, creating jobs, improving our education system, and most importantly restoring the voter’s trust in City Council.

“As a small business owner myself, I know the struggles small businesses have faced from the beginning stages of opening a business to maintaining and expanding it. It is burdensome and strenuous. I know the value and importance of having a business mindset and I will bring a new change and leadership to Alexandria City Council,” said Torrez.

Also in attendance was former Alexandria City Councilmember, Frank Fannon who supports Torrez’ candidacy and said “Fernando Torrez will be elected to City Council.”

“The media is taking notice and so are the voters on how great a candidate Fernando Torrez is.  Every day that we go out canvassing or hold an event, the support keeps growing. He served our country honorably in the Air Force and I have no doubt that he will serve honorably as a City Councilman,” stated Torrez’ Campaign Manager, Martin Martinez, a Marine Corps veteran himself.

At the conclusion of Mr. Torrez’ speech to the dozens in attendance at the “Friends of West End” event, he reiterated that, “through the value and impact of a business mindset, our city will be able to achieve great success.  Thank you for your support and look forward to your vote on November 3, 2015!!”

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