Allison Silberberg’s ‘Sticking to the Facts’ on Euille being ‘in’ | email excerpt | Old Town Post

An excerpt from Allison Silberberg’s email to supporters today…

Let’s Stick to the FactsNBC4 reported this morning that later today the Mayor will be announcing his launch of a write-in campaign. Since my victory in the primary on June 9th, he has been talking about this possibility. He never conceded the race. This much we all know. We also know that he has stated many times that he lost in the primary due to low voter turnout as well as due to the number of Republicans who voted for me on June 9th. 

First, it is the Mayor’s right to run although he and Mr. Donley and I signed a pledge that we would accept the outcome of the primary and not run from another party. Second, his assertion that there was low voter turnout is contrary to the fact that even the Office of Voter Registration and Elections said they expected far less than the more than 13,000 who voted in the primary. The total was a very good turnout for an off-year primary. Finally, Republicans voted for me, the Mayor and Mr. Donley. They did not just vote for any one candidate. They also gave generously to all three campaigns. Those are the facts.


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  1. The FACT is that 2/3 of voters voted against Silberberg’s regressive, 1950s-era message. In a field known for delusions, she really takes the cake.

    Euille’s not the greatest, but he’s the better bet by a longshot.

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