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Alexandria City Council unanimously voted that the Confederate Flag will no longer be flown on City property in Alexandria.  It was normally flown on Robert E Lee’s Birthday and on Confederate Memorial Day.

Will the Irish Flag be banned next? What about the rainbow flag?  How about any Saint Patrick’s day flags? What about any flag other than the United States, Virginia or Alexandria.?

Council is also putting together a citizens’ work group to discuss the possibility of changing other Confederate symbols and street names.  This group will have the daunting task of reporting back to Council on the idea of banning, moving, eradicating, and/or renaming all Confederate historical semblances.

Old Town Post has written several articles on this subject and will not reiterate here.  The links to the articles are:  (1) Will Alexandria Eliminate all Signs of Confederate History Within The City?  (2) JD Highway Renamed?  Appomattox Statue Removed?

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