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The Young and the Redskins

(Insert dramatic music here)

You know, I’m entirely not sure how I became a Washington Redskins fan. Yes, it’s the hometown team but that rarely counts nowadays.  I feel like I’ve been through thick and thin with this team — quarterback after quarterback, coach after coach, general manager after general manager.  With all the drama that tends to encompass the team, I’m still here. And as much as I complain, I know I’m not going anywhere. Here are just a few of the most recent reasons why I love to hate them…

How I love thee, Redskins — let me count the ways . . .

1. The Quarterback Merry-go-round

We were all but stunned when Jay Gruden announced in the offseason that Robert Griffin III still commanded the coveted starting quarterback position of the Washington Redskins. How does one wrap their head around such a decision? The world has seen his performance game after game yet here we are.

Preseason was the game-changer for all three men vying for the sought-after position. Griffin says to the entire world that he’s “the best quarterback in the league” and all he is showing us is why he’s the worst. Shut up and prove it on the field.  Exceptional athletes have the way paved for them throughout high school and college. But – spoiler alert – this isn’t high school or college anymore. EVERYONE in this league is either equally as good or better than he is.  Kirk Cousins conforms. Colt McCoy adjusts. Griffin flounders like a fish out of water. He gives the opposing team a reason to come after him without even stepping one foot on the field! It’s unnerving to watch him play.

2. Holy, RGIII.

“Big Payout-Minimal Reward”. If I were writing the last chapter of Robert Griffin III’s football career, surely this would be the title.  He and his capabilities have led the charge in this theatrical, albeit, ridiculous 2015 offseason/preseason. With all the information that provided, why keep him on as a backup?!  If he so much as twists his ankle, that’s $16 million off of the salary cap. Something doesn’t feel right.  Colt McCoy’s performance in the preseason far exceeded that of RGIII, yet he’s 2nd in the depth chart? Nope. I don’t buy it.

3. Jessica McCloghan (Scot McCloghan’s wife)

I get it. Life is hard when you’re the wife of the general manager of one of the largest NFL franchises in the league. You have to put on a brave face no matter what the issue. You also have to smile and wave and support the burgundy and gold. But at the end of the day, all you really have to do is NOT put your husband on blast. Did he deserve it? Maybe. Did he do it? The jury is still out. Social media has changed the journalistic game in more ways than one. You’re never alone when you’re a part of the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). How about when it comes to your marriage, take a knee.

4. Offensive Line

Trent Williams does not an offensive line make. The tissue-thin curtain of a line has been a problem for the entire rotating cast of coaching squads. And we all remember what an actual O-line looked like in the 80’s/90’s when the Hogs proved that anything can happen when you protect the guy with the ball. It’s no new news that this team is rough on their quarterbacks.  We keep focusing on who’s throwing the “quarterback situation” when what we really need is a line that provides more than a 3-count of protection.

5.  $50 Envelope Fee

I’m not sure whether to blame Dan Snyder for this ridiculousness or not. What am I saying? Of course it’s Dan Snyder’s fault. The Redskins are the laughing stock of the NFL. Along with taking out thousands of seats to maintain the illusion that the stadium comes close to selling out or that there is a waiting list for season ticket holders, you expect your faithful fans to battle impossible traffic for the luxury of spending an arm and a leg to watch a team consistently stuck at the bottom of the NFC East? Ok. I’ll take that. The NFL is still a business. BUT now you want $50 to put tickets in an envelope and hold them for someone that wants to actually go see them?

It’s a good thing they decided, almost just as soon as the media exposed the fee, that the charge was a surefire way to lose the fans that were already hanging on by a thread.

Like me, DC sports fans are lying in wait. They are steadfast, committed and faithful to their teams. They anticipate another championship to come and are let down at every turn. The fans are here waiting for the tide to turn. Give us more. We deserve so much more.

399523_10150487627758075_787651914_nErin Eley volunteered to cover the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club for Old Town Post to support a great organization and give back to our community. Erin is passionate about the Redskins and all things sports. She is a freelance writer that covers professional sports. The opinions expressed in this post are that of Erin Eley and not Old Town Post. For more of Erin’s sports musings you can follow her at @DblE on Twitter.

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  1. Fabulous article, Full of excitment, and lastly a great eye catcher! I felt like this post spoke for every die hard redskins fan out there! It definitely brings the love and hate relationship out between the skins and their fans. Great Job!

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