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Thursday, SEP 3rd, 2015, Sally and Twig Murray, along with a special furry bundle of fun (cat) hosted a fabulous Old Town Style Meet ‘N Greet for Van Van Fleet at their historic Alexandria home, along with the Van Fleet Team (Lara Reyes, Karin Liehs, and JJ Smith). Van met and spoke with a broad audience from the Wilkes/Old Town area as well as some from the West End.  Van Fleet spoke to the audience about the need for change on City Council and stopping one-party rule. He cited the last ten years of rising City debt to the tune of half a billion dollars, infrastructure issues due to a high speed inappropriate level of development across the city that is not in line with services, roads, and the needed revenues to support it. He cited the often closed executive City Council sessions, wherein deals were passed that hurt Alexandria citizens and the city, such as the BRAQ building. He laid out plans to re-invest in our schools, police, and fire fighters, who’ve taken serious pay cuts which hurts our city and the services we’re able to provide to citizens/families. Van was cheered on as he spoke about ushering in new ‘Responsible and Responsive’ City Council Men and Women to assist the new Mayor ‘to be’ Allison Silbeberg, fight the good fight and bring integrity back to Alexandria’s City Government. It’s a time for change and ‘we intend to vote it in on 3 NOV 2015’ was hailed from the audience and resounded and applauded by all in attendance!

Content provided by the campaign for “Van” Van Fleet for Alexandria City Council. 




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