Redskins Week One Improvements. . . Futile. | Erin Eley | @DblE

Well, it was quite the week in sports. Serena Williams missing the chance to make history. Floyd Mayweather keeping his spotless record intact. The Nationals falling to Mets in a must-win series. But all that pales in comparison to the fact the football is back!

Going into week one as a Redskins fan, you tend to keep your expectations low. Not this game. This one you go into with no expectations.

In the preseason, we saw a different side of Kirk Cousins. We saw a glimpse of a flawed albeit solid NFL quarterback. The question remained: Is his performance going to translate in the regular season? To answer that, yes, I think it did. With an interception in the first half, the old Cousins would have spiraled out of control. This Cousins held it together coming back to march down the field for a touchdown in the following drive. There are definitely some kinks that need to be worked out but improvement is improvement.

The offense as a whole looked better. Alfred Morris moved the ball with another 100+ yard game. Pierre Garcon stepped up his game with DeSean Jackson leaving the game early with a strained hamstring injury that will take him off the field for 3-4 weeks. Even the defense held on for dear life!

There’s still a lot of work to be done. Special teams needs to go back to basics. That embarrassing 69-yard punt return by Miami’s Jarvis Landry is one of few blunders made by them in recent history. It’s hard to see the 7-points given up seemingly easily.   And what a difference it made.

With the St.Louis Rams visiting FedEx Field next week, improvements have to be made if Redskins expect to win. Considering our non-RGIII related history, I’m revisiting my no expectations stance.

399523_10150487627758075_787651914_n-3Erin Eley volunteered to cover the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club for Old Town Post to support a great organization and give back to our community. Erin is passionate about the Redskins and all things sports. She is a freelance writer that covers professional sports. The opinions expressed in this post are that of Erin Eley and not Old Town Post. For more of Erin’s sports musings you can follow her at @DblE on Twitter.

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