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Rocker Opens Dust Farm Skateboard Shop on King | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

Shawn Crosby has been operating Dust Farm skate shop and museum at 1608 King Street for several months now.  The shop specializes in custom boards and long boards.  Crosby even has some custom made see through bullet proof glass boards.  Crosby got the idea for the name of the store when his son coined the name Dust Farm after a dusty and desolate skate spot in Simi Valley California.

He sells all the parts you would need to outfit your board such as specialty wheels and trucks. If you have an idea for a board Crosby can probably work with you to make it.

Crosby has also been pushing for getting the Shuyler Hamilton-Jones skate park, located at 3540 Wheeler Avenue, completely redone and overhauled.  His plan is for the park to be a state of the art concrete bowl.

If you listen to rock and roll and think you may recognize the name Shawn Crosby you would be right on point. Crosby was the lead singer of the band Jones Street.

Crosby closed his skate shop this summer because he got offered a gig he couldn’t refuse.  He was going to be the front man for the band Red Dragon Cartel.  Red Dragon Cartel was formed by Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee.

Crosby replaced Paul D’Eath who previously replaced Chas West.  Crosby toured with the band this Summer. He is now back designing and selling skate boards on King Street.

Stop into his shop and check it out.  He has collected some great board artifacts.


October 21, 2015 at 1:26 pm

Stop by his skate shop last week for first time and met Shaun! He Rocks!!! Store has everything and takes you back in time and walks you through the entire history of skating! Really is skate Museum!!! He even has bullet proof glass skateboards!!!

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