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AFD Station 201

On September 30, 2015, three Alexandria firefighters worked their last day for the residents and visitors of the City of Alexandria. Their combined years of service totaled over 97 years.  These 3 extraordinary gentlemen are Senior Captain Doug McDaniel (33 years), Senior Fireman Dale Barr (33 years) and Senior Fireman Tim Curly (31 1/2 years).

I had the privilege of working with all three of these exemplary men.  Each of them are a “fireman’s fireman”.  This means they know their job exceedingly well, impart their knowledge to others, are a role model to young firefighters, and can be relied upon in any given circumstance, on or off duty, at any time of the day 24/7.

These firemen have dedicated a great portion of their lives to helping people in Alexandria.  They are admired and respected within the fire department. They will be missed and their experience will be irreplaceable.

On Friday, October 2, 2015, a retirement ceremony will be held at Fire Station 201 on Prince Street.  Following the ceremony, a party will commence at Murphy’s on King Street.  Yes, firemen like to partake of some cold brews from time to time.   The party will commence at 3:00 p.m. and end whenever.

Stop by, say hello, and have a beer with a fireman or come in just to say thanks.  Below are photos of the retiring firemen:

Senior Captain Doug McDaniel

Captain McDaniel's last ride on the Fireboat

Captain McDaniel’s Final Voyage on the Fireboat

Senior Fireman Dale Barr

Senior Firefighter Dale Barr's Final Day as Fireboat Operator

Senior Fireman Dale Barr’s Final Voyage as Fireboat Operator

Senior Fireman Tim Curly

Senior Firefighter Tim Curly's Final Day as Driver of Engine 201.

Senior Fireman Tim Curly’s Final Day as Driver of Engine 201.



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  1. I too have had the pleasure of working with all three of these firefighters, two of whom I went through rookie school with. I have admiration for all and express a sincere thank you as a citizen of Alexandria. Volunteer Bill Kehoe

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