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Hi there,
I am hosting an event at IOTA this Monday for Breast Cancer Research.
I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 2 years ago when I was 35 years old with two little girls 4 years and 10 months old. I underwent aggressive treatment-chemo, double mastectomy and radiation and thankfully, I am currently in total remission.
Since diagnosis, I have met so many other young women and mothers who were not as lucky as me. Unfortunately, even though we have come very far with research for lesser stage breast cancer (Stages 0-3), 40,000 women still die every year from Stage 4, metastatic cancer. This statistic hasn’t changed in 30 years. All breast cancer deaths are from Stage 4 patients. The reality is that 30% of us that are diagnosed initially with an earlier stage of breast cancer will experience a recurrence at Stage 4 and eventually pass away from the disease.
This lead me to do my research and find out how I can help the Stage 4 community in particular. I found a fantastic organization that is made up entirely of volunteers-mostly metastatic patients-and is also based out of Annapolis. They are becoming nationally recognized as one of the best organizations to donate money to for breast cancer. Because they are volunteer based, 100% of donations go straight to Stage 4 breast cancer research.
As a musician, I thought the best way I can help is with music. Next week, I am hosting a concert in Arlington at the IOTA club and cafe with 6 bands playing and 5 breast cancer survivors will be featured singers (including myself) at the event. This will be a wonderful night of music and celebration for a great cause. There will also be a silent auction. Please consider attending, it will be a lot of fun and a great way to spend Columbus Day!
Here is a link to the event:
If you can’t make it and still would like to help, you can donate online at:
Thank you so much!

Rachel Burns
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