Alexandria in Top 10 Sexually Most Active Cities in America | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

A new study by QualityHealth ranks the 10 most and 10 least sexually active cities in the country.  Which City is having the most sex?  Denver, Colorado took the top spot as the lust capital. Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t make the cut.  New York City, Miami nor LA made the cut either.

Data on birth rates, contraceptive sales, and sales of sex-related books and products were the factors considered in coming up with the top ten sex list.

Alexandria, Virginia took the number 8 spot as the most sexually active city in America.  Looks like the best city in the country, the best city in the country for Veterans and the 5th most romantic city in America is also not a bad place for hooking up. Virginia really is for lovers.  According to the study, Alexandria leads the nation in romantic purchases and book purchases about relationships on

Washington D.C. came in number 7 on the top love making cities list.

Who made the bottom of the list?  The sunny and sandy beach town of Jacksonville, Florida took the honor of least sexually active city.  Other cities near the bottom included Greensboro, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland.

If you are a Veteran, a Romancer, or a Lover it looks like Alexandria may be just the right city for you.

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