Councilman Chapman Unveils Specific Business Improvement Recommendations | News Release | Old Town Post

The John Taylor Chapman for City Council re-election campaign released Councilman Chapman’s Business Improvement Recommendations, which will assist Alexandria in attracting new businesses, retaining current businesses and improving the city’s economic development successes.

“For far too long, City Council candidates have been vague about specific solutions to increase, maintain and diversify the City’s business base, outcompete with our neighboring jurisdictions. Alexandrians don’t want vague, wishful concepts, they want real, actionable solutions”, says Chapman, “During the last two and a half years, I have met with business leaders and sought their recommendations about how city government and its partners can help jumpstart Alexandria’s stagnant business growth and as a member of the Eisenhower Partnership, I have seen the opportunities in the Eisenhower Valley that have yet to be explored. Now is the time!”

The highlight of his recommendations is the creation of an innovation district in the Eisenhower Valley, to leverage synergies that the United States Patent and Trade Office, National Science and the Transportation Safety Administration. The goal would be to attract companies focused on innovation and emerging technology.

“As Alexandria continues to become a hub for federal government offices focused on innovation and emerging technologies, we have an unmatched opportunity to attract similarly focused companies to the city that will create good-paying jobs, expand our business community and ensure robust economic growth for our city,” added Councilman Chapman.

The entire set of recommendations is available at: www.chapman4council.com.


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