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Boring Rivals, NFC East | Erin Eley | @DblE

Once upon a time, the NFC East was arguably not the best but definitely the most competitive division in the NFL.  The Redskins/Cowboys rivalry was a thing that legends are made of. Last night’s MNF semi-clash between the Eagles and Giants got me thinking…meh.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to watch the teams in the NFC East beat up on each other. The only thing I would love more is if they could BOTH take the ‘L’ home. This particular divisional game bored me. As has every divisional game that’s preceded it this season.
Gone are the days of The Hogs, the Troy Aikmans, the postseason Giants and the Eagles…umm…presence? Let’s face it, 8-8 could win this division. Sad but true.
What exactly has to be done to restore this once legendary division to its glory? I’m all ears!

399523_10150487627758075_787651914_n-3-2-3Erin Eley volunteered to cover the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club for Old Town Post to support a great organization and give back to our community. Erin is passionate about the Redskins and all things sports. She is a freelance writer that covers professional sports. The opinions expressed in this post are that of Erin Eley and not Old Town Post. For more of Erin’s sports musings you can follow her at @DblE on Twitter.

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