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I watched Back to the Future, many many many times in the movie theater when I was a kid. It was my favorite! I loved the story. The time machine. The music. Michael J Fox.

It’s hard to believe that the date Marty McFly went to in the future is finally upon us. Back in the 80’s it seemed like OCT 21 2015 was forever away. But here we are. Unfortunately, we’re in the future with no prevalent hover boards or flying cars running on garbage, but there is still a tiny shot at the Cubs winning the world series.

For those wishing to view the trilogy on Back to the Future Day or sometime soon here are a few options . . .

AMC Hoffman Center is showing the trilogy today starting at 4:29 — the time Marty arrived in the future.

Amazon Prime has all three videos that you can stream. 

A special 30th Anniversary Trilogy is available in Blue-ray and DVD. 

Want to check out some other sites coverage of Back to the Future Day? Here are some links . . .

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Back to the Future II: What did it get right and wrong? – BBC

Try our “Back to the Future” Quiz – CNN

Last but not least, if you feel like it, check out the following clips on YouTube . . .

1985 Trailer

Clock Tower Scene from Back to the Future

Hover board chase from Back to the Future II

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