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6 DC Restaurants in Top 100 Money Makers in the Country | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

Photo from ebbitt.com

Restaurant Business magazine ranked the top 100 independent grossing restaurants in America.  Washington D.C. has 6 of the top money making restaurants in the country.

Those 6 restaurants are:

#6 Old Ebbitt Grill  at $28,056,008

#16 Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab at $20,500,000

#20 The Hamilton at $18,383,790

#33 The Source at $16,700,000

#41 Le Diplomate at $16,101,034

#53 Sequoia at $15,200,000

These are all Restaurant Business estimates and are based on 2014 sales.

Mike’s American Grill, in Springfield, Virginia, took the 80th spot.  Their gross sales for 2014, according to Restaurant Business, were $13,400,000 with an average check value of $27.

The #1 grossing restaurant in the country is Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Restaurant Business, Tao Asian Bistro’s gross sales for 2014 was $47,000,000.  The average check size was $70.

To see the complete top 100 list you may click on the following link: Restaurant Business’ Top 100 Independent Grossing Restaurants.

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