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For me, Thanksgiving is the feast day that officially kicks off the Holiday Season. A season I am thankful for! And when not hosting, all I want to do is reach the door of my loved ones. But those doors can take a long time to get to when dealing with Thanksgiving traffic. But there are waze to make it better.

Waze is a free community based mapping, traffic, and navigation app. Miles and I have used it in the past but really became aware of how wonderful Waze is on our recent trip to the Sanderling in Duck, North Carolina (OBX article coming soon!). We were able to make it there and back in record time even when there were major accidents and stand still traffic — you know how difficult going through Richmond can be!

On Waze, folks participate. As drivers should not be actively involved in the app, I was in charge of Waze while Miles was driving. The app was so much a part of our drive we began to refer to Waze as a person! She told us when traffic would be delayed and for approximately how long. We knew when a vehicle was stopped, an accident happened, police were around, even if there was a pothole. And when we found something I put it into the system to help-out other drivers.

What really amazed us was when we hit Richmond and there was an accident. Traffic was at a standstill. Just before hitting the traffic jam. Waze suggested another route. Miles had to make a very quick decision to turn as she was saying and we would have no idea where we were, or go into the standstill.  He chose to listen to her — after all she had been so good on the rest of our trip. She routed us beautifully and I’m convinced we saved at least 40 minutes if not a couple of hours.

If you don’t already have it. We highly recommend Waze to not only help you in your Thanksgiving driving but also in your daily commuting.

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