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Alexandria Restaurants In 50 Best List | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post


Old Town Alexandria features prominently in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top 50 restaurants of Northern Virginia.  With all the fine dining in Alexandria it is not a surprise anymore when these superb eateries make the best of lists.

Restaurant Eve took the #2 spot on the Magazine’s list.  Eve is a consistent favorite on many top lists including the Washingtonian.  Brabo came in at #6 and Vermillion came in at #7.

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm in Lovetsville, Virginia took the #1 spot on the top 50 list.

Northern Virginia Magazine only ranked the top 10 restaurants in order and labeled the rest as a Top 50 restaurant in alphabetical order.

Other Old Town Alexandria restaurants that were on the top 50 list include Hanks Oyster Bar and Society Fair.  Del Ray Pizzeria’s the Reserve 2216 also made the top 50 list.

For a complete listing of all top 50 restaurants and Northern Virginia Magazine’s description of each you can click on the link.


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