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Pay Raises: Mayor and City Council of Alexandria versus Public Service | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post


An ordinance proposal is before the City Council of Alexandria concerning increasing the salary of City Council Members from $27,500 to  $45,000 and the Mayor’s salary from $30,500 to $50,000.  The public hearing and vote on the approval of the pay raise ordinance is, tomorrow, on December 12, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at Alexandria City Hall.

Item #17 on the December 12, 2015 City Council agenda details the salary increase proposal along with attachments concerning neighboring jurisdictions salaries for elected officials.

It is indisputable that the Alexandria City Council and Mayor are some of the lowest paid in the District/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area.  Council members work part time.  Though they spend many hours of their own time attending meetings and other community events.

It is also indisputable that the City of Alexandria’s public service employees (fire/police/sheriff) are some of the lowest paid in the DMV area.  Public service employees work full time.  Many public employees also work other part time jobs to supplement their income.  For many years City government has promised pay raises for public service personnel to make their salaries commensurate with other DMV public service agencies.

Understandably, Alexandria’s firefighters, police officers, and sheriffs are not on board with the proposed pay hike for Council and the Mayor.

The Alexandria Fire Department Local 2141 Union put out the following:

Elected officials in the City of Alexandria are proposing a 60%+ increase in their annual salary while failing to honor long promised compensation improvements for the city’s public safety and other employees. Decisions like this by the Mayor and Council will only continue to hurt the recruitment and retention of the top candidates to City of Alexandria Fire Department, Police Department and Sheriff’s Office. Sign up to speak at tomorrow’s (Dec 12) public hearing, Docket Item #2 or #17. The public hearing begins at 9:30am in Council Chambers.


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