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Serenity Meets You at Stylists@North | By Jennifer | Old Town Post

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I’ve got my New Years Resolution figured out thanks to my recent experiences with Stylists@North. This new salon in Old Town exudes a positive, serene, and creative energy. It’s a sacred space that you want to be in. There is a pride, knowledge, and skill in the employees — they know their craft. And they care that you are happy not only with the result but with your experience.  So this year, rather than rush to get my hair done because it’s time, I’ve decided to treat myself and schedule out some coif pampering.

You know how the vibe can be in some salons? Drama filled. Stylists@North feels more like the spa at Salamander than a typical hair salon. Serenity is within the space. No one is frazzled. You feel welcome from the time you book your appointment to the end of your stay. I was greeted with hugs, kisses on the cheek, and the beverage menu — well thought out with good lattes and good wine (I’ve tried both!).

In fact, everything in this place is well thought out! The detail in the shop made me feel that there would be close attention paid to my locks. I felt an instant trust with Luis Miguel Bujia, Owner and Creative Director. He’s now both blowout my hair and as well as cut and styled it. I’ve got curly hair that I want to wear both curly and straight — and Luis understands that. Before my shampoo (more about the shampoo to come), Luis consulted with me on what we were going to do. During our talk he said “I know you’re a writer and need to pull your hair back but how do you feel about . . . ?” I was impressed with his memory and thoughtfulness. And I was grateful that he ensured the end result of my hairstyle would also fit my lifestyle.

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Luis Miguel Bujia © Stylists@North

While Luis got my decaf latte, I got shampooed. I’ve been going to high end salons forever. And I’ve never experienced a shampoo like this. It was really more like a massage. Outstanding! You’re use to your hair looking fabulous when you leave a salon but Luis and his crew make the entire experience something special. And you look fabulous at the end! 

The salon is nestled on the second floor of Crilly Warehouse at 218 North Lee Street, Alexandria, Va. 22314. The atmosphere in intriguing. The decor is creative with a lot to look at but it doesn’t feel cluttered. It’s cozy. You’re comfortable. You’re welcomed. If you’re looking for some pampering in 2016 you need to make an appointment!

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