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Another Iconic Small Business Closing in O’Town – Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

The Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice shop, located at 215 S. Union Street, will be closing the doors in February.  The shop has been an Old Town fixture for decades.  It is sad indeed to see so many small businesses closing their doors in Old Town.

The owner has decided to retire.

Yesterday, the following message was posted on the Old Coffee, Tea & Spice’s Facebook page:

It is with no small amount of sadness that we announce Old Coffee, Tea & Spice’s closing this February.

We would like to thank the community and friends near and far for so many years of patronage and memories.

There were obnoxious political discussions, pictures and postcards of traveling adventures, watching families grow, and friends come and go.

I cannot speak for Frank, though I am sure he would agree, but I myself, Zachary Johns(the guy with the beard), would like to say that it has been a pleasure having the opportunity to work at a place so well loved in the hearts of it’s patrons.

There’s little else that can be said without resulting in unnecessarily long stories or uncontrollable blubbering.

Thank you, again.

-D. Zachary Johns

There is no exact date set for closing.  The shop offered this advice for patrons who want to stop by before it is too late:

Not a definite closing day but stock will be downsizing after January. Frank’s doing another tea order but that will most likely be the last one, and that’ll be in, give or take, a week or two. Coffee will still be ordered on a weekly basis for most of the selection we have, with the exception of any chance of getting Jamaican or Puerto Rican.

Many have left goodbyes on Old Coffee, Tea & Spice’s Facebook page.  Stop in for some great coffee, tea, eats, and conversation before they go away.  Best of luck in retirement or new endeavors owners and employees of Old Coffee, Tea & Spice.

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