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Alexandria, Staying Safe!

Light snow has begun to fall, and we all know that much more is on its way. 
Alexandria is definitely ready for the storm. I want us all to stay safe. 
A snow customer service number has been established. If you need help, please call 703-746-HELP (703-746-4357). If you have an emergency, please call 911.
Our city has a superb team and an excellent plan of action. Our robust team of 55 snow plow units is out in force, pretreating and then clearing the streets. More crews are on their way to help. 
This is a team effort that includes all of us. I urge our citizens to stay off of the roads for the next few days for their own safety and in order to help our crews do their jobs. By now, I hope you are at home and ready to shelter in place for three days, perhaps longer. To be prepared for any emergency, we always advise that citizens have at least a three-day supply of water, food, and medicines. This storm is expected to leave us with 20 to 30 inches of snow, high winds, and ice. There will likely be power outages. 
The Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Alexandria have declared a State of Emergency. Please note that all cars must be out of the Snow Emergency Routes. This is crucial. If your car is on a street and can be moved to an off-street spot, that would also help our staff remove snow. Please be aware that some streets may not be cleared until early next week, given the amount of expected snow. Our crews will work around the clock and certainly deserve our thanks. My thanks to our City Manager, Mark Jinks, as well as Yon Lambert, the city’s Director of Transportation & Environmental Services, for leading the crews. Each person who is clearing snow and ice despite blizzard conditions and high winds deserves our thanks for such dedication! My heartfelt thanks to all of them and to all our first responders in law enforcement, the fire department, EMS, and to all our staff. It is our team effort that keeps us safe. We all pray that they will stay safe, too.
I ask our citizens to please check on your elderly neighbors, and please ensure that your sidewalk and nearby fire hydrant are clear of snow.
Ensure that your cell phones are fully charged now.
Information about city services can be found on the city’s site, www.alexandriava.gov . Please continue to check the site for any updates. You can also sign up for E-alerts through the city’s site.
Please note that the City Council’s Public Hearing, scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed until next Saturday, January 30th, at 9:30 am.
In addition, the Market Square and Del Ray farmer’s markets have been cancelled for tomorrow due to the storm. This is the first time in memory that the Market Square farmer’s market has been cancelled.

Allison Silberberg

Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia


Allison Silberberg

Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia


Twitter: @A_Silberberg  


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