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301 King St., Alexandria, VA  22314
March 12, 2016, Issue 55
Open Year-Round | Every Saturday | 7 am – 12 pm (noon)
Free Parking at Market Square Garage until 12:30 pm
We accept SNAP/EBT
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Capital City Candle
Spotlight on Capital City Candle
Visit Capital City Candle’s booth this weekend and smell the exquisite aromas of their hand crafted candles made with 100% natural soy wax. Owners Denise and Robert Wade started the company because they are passionate about making natural candles with clean herbal and fruit fragrances that are dye-free and burn for 65 to 75 hours.  Find out more about Capital City Candle’s commitment to sustainability and their products here.

Colcannon with Kale

Market to Table Recipe:  Mashed Potatoes with Kale (Colcannon)
This version of the yummy Irish potato dish called Colcannon—a combination of buttery mashed potatoes and cabbage—uses kale instead of cabbage and is a wonderful accompaniment to grilled sausages or beef stew.  Potatoes and kale are abundant at market this time of year, so try this dish for St. Patrick’s Day!  Checkout the recipe from the Tasty Food Kitchen.

We’re Looking for Musicians to Play On the Market Stage!
We’re starting to schedule market events for the summer months and are looking for diverse musicians to play on the stage!  African drumming or Salsa, anyone?  If you are interested in playing at market, please send an email to mae.carroll@alexandriava.gov.

SNAP/EBT Specials
Winter Special for SNAP/EBT Customers – Buy $20, Get $30 Free
Only three more weeks to take advantage of our Winter SNAP special: Buy $20 in SNAP tokens and get $30 free ($20 dollars in fruit and vegetable tokens and $10 in double dollar tokens)!

Online Vendor Map
Market Information – Online Vendor Map 
Wondering where your favorite vendor is this winter?  Several of our vendors have different winter schedules, due to decreased product availability or weather challenges.  If you’re wondering whether you can plan on a vendor to be a market on a specific week, check out our vendor map here.

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