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Dash for the Stash and Win $1000 Prize | News Release | City of Alexandria




ALEXANDRIA, VA – Local residents are encouraged to compete in the 2016 DASH for the STASH, an investor education and protection program and contest taking place March 15-May 15, 2016 at all Alexandria Library locations.  The winner will receive a $1,000 contribution to an existing or new Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for 2016. One statewide winner will be chosen in a random drawing of eligible participants who logged the correct answer for all four posters.

The DASH for the STASH contest is played much like a scavenger hunt. But instead of collecting objects, individuals collect information from posters about saving and investing and then answer related quiz questions. To enter the contest, individuals visit a participating library or other location where a set of four investor education topic posters (and one rules poster) are displayed. Contestants read each poster and then go online to access the quiz question for each poster.

The DASH for the STASH posters each have a QR code and a web link to a quiz that individuals will access to answer questions and participate in the contest. The posters cover four key topics: finding financial advisers, avoiding fraud, understanding investment fees, and building a nest egg.  The easiest way to participate in the DASH for the STASH is to use a smartphone or mobile device to scan each poster’s QR code, but you also will be able to use a laptop or desktop computer at all Alexandria Library locations.

“We are very pleased to be involved in this program which makes use of our facilities as a way to help educate Alexandria investors,” said Rose T. Dawson, Director of Alexandria Libraries.  “A big part of our mission is to support financial literacy for local residents and we believe that DASH for the STASH is an excellent means by which to do so.”

DASH for the STASH is a great way to engage consumers, especially younger people, who have not yet started to pay attention to this critical part of their financial outlook,” said Don Blandin, president and CEO of the Investor Protection Institute.  “Our goal is to lead individuals to venues, such as public libraries, where they can find reliable investor education and protection resources.”

The DASH for the STASH program is being launched by the nonprofit Investor Protection Institute (IPI).  For more information about DASH for the STASH rules, go to http://www.iinvest.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/DASH-for-the-STASH_2016_Rules.pdf.

For more information about the 2016 DASH for the STASH contest, please contact Rebecca LaPlante at 703-746-1751 or rlaplante@alexandria.lib.va.us; or Alex Frank (IPI) at (703) 276-3264 or afrank@hastingsgroup.com.

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