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Alexandria Seeks Public Input on Potential Food Truck Locations | News Release | City of Alexandria


The City of Alexandria invites the public to provide feedback on the possible expansion of the City’s food truck program to on-street locations. In December 2015, after a two-year pilot, City Council adopted regulations that allow food truck vending in certain off-street locations, including private property, public property and farmers’ markets. The regulations also provide for food truck vending at locations governed by special event or special use permits.


City Council recently asked staff to evaluate an expansion of the program by identifying additional on-street locations with concentrations of residents or workers, while minimizing impact on infrastructure, parking, circulation, safety and quality of life. Three potential on-street food truck locations have been identified. The community is invited to provide feedback on these locations by completing a brief AlexEngage poll at alexandriava.gov/FoodTrucks. The responses will help inform final recommendations that will be presented to City Council.


For more information about food trucks and related regulations in the City of Alexandria, visit alexandriava.gov/FoodTrucks.


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