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April Exhibitions Plus Live Painting at Principle Gallery | News Release | Principle Gallery

We hand-picked twenty five artists from around the world and asked them to participate in our April exhibition, “The Language of Objects.” Even if you don’t fancy yourself a fan of still lifes, come see this group of works, some of these paintings may just sway your thinking. From seemingly impossibly realistic trompe l’oeil to paintings as painterly as you can possibly get, we’ve covered all of the bases! Come enjoy a drink, hors d’oeuvres, and some astonishing paintings at the opening on the 15th. You may just meet an artist or two!

We will also be holding painting demonstrations by
Elizabeth Floyd and Jorge Alberto on Saturday the 16th, starting at 1pm!
Colin Fraser “Village” 25×42, egg tempera on panel
The Language of Objects
Still Life Invitational Group Exhibition
Featured Artists
Jorge Alberto & Elizabeth Floyd
Saturday, April 16th 1:00pm
Sydney Bella Sparrow “Indigo to Jade” 5.5×13, oil on canvas on panel
Jacob A. Pfeiffer
“Wallflowers” 14×11, oil on panel
Lisa Noonis
“The Arrangement” 24×18, mixed media on panel
Michael DeVore “The Attributes of Art” 16×30, oil on panel
Martin Poole “Perfect Pear” 9×12, oil on canvas
Contact the gallery for a full preview of this group exhibition!
Geoffrey Johnson
Solo Exhibition
Friday, May 20th, 6:30-9:00pm
“Study Park Ave.” 27×18, oil on panel
Contact the gallery for a full preview of this exhibition!

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