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Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Edition 4.26.16 | Newsletter | ASC

Thank You!
The Alexandria Sportsman’s Club thanks all those who donated generously to the Scholarship Fund during the Spring2Action Campaign, last week.  Your donations substantially added to our Fund which will provide $16,000 to deserving student-athletes at this year’s banquet.  Our Scholarship Fund is financially solid for the long-term given your generous donations.
And a “shout-out” to the ASC supporters who attended the National’s game on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, yesterday.  All 50 ASC tickets were sold and there was a large number of kids from the City of Alexandria Recreation Department who attended the game using tickets donated by ASC members.  Special thanks to Board Member Kevin Quaid for making a substantial contribution to purchasing National’s tickets for the Recreation Department.
Please go to our WEB PAGE to purchase tickets for our last big event of the year:  the 61st Annual Sports Banquet on May 25th at the Westin Hotel in Old Town.  We’ll give out Athlete of the Year Awards and Scholarship Awards to over 30 student-athletes from our City.  We have a great guest speaker in former Georgetown Head Basketball Coach Craig Esherick.  All proceeds from the banquet go directly to our Scholarhip Fund.
I am proud of what this Organization of volunteers has contributed to our City, this year!  And we’ve had fun!  The ASC is the place to be in 2016 ….  Don’t miss the 61st Annual Banquet.
John R. Duke
Alexandria Sportsman’s Club

The Alexandria Sportsman’s Club, founded in 1947, is a non-profit and civic organization. Our sole purposes are to support local high school athletics and to recognize the achievements of our young athletes on the field and in the classroom. The sportsman’s club membership meets at the Old Dominion Boat Club on the third Tuesday of each month, where we gather in the fellowship of others with a shared interest in promoting competitive and recreational youth activities in Alexandria. We also present an Athlete of the Month Award recognizing a student-athlete selected from one of our four high schools. At each meeting a prominent speaker is featured. All meetings also feature drinks and snacks provided by the Sportsman’s Club, as well as a community dinner following the award presentation and the speaker. Please join us in helping to recognize and support our community’s youth athletes!

– Alexandria Sportsman’s Club

The Alexandria Sportsman’s Club (ASC) is a wonderful organization in our community and allows Old Town Post to publish materials they send to their members. If you are not already a member please click here to check out membership opportunities.

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