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Feedback Wanted on Streetlight Replacement Project (Gadsby District) | News Release | City of Alexandria

Streetlight Replacement Project (Gadsby District)

Provide your feedback on the proposed replacement streetlight for the Gadsby District by visitingAlexEngage through May 22. 

The Gadsby streetlight primarily found along King Street and throughout the Gadsby District began its life in Old Town circa 1966 with the testing of the first Gadsby poles near City Hall.  The useful life of those streetlights is expiring; the poles are failing with more frequency every year, they are becoming more costly to replace, and new energy efficient LED light sources are difficult to retrofit in the old fixtures.

The solution is to find a new, readily available, replacement streetlight with an energy efficient LED light source. A replacement streetlight, called the “modern historic LED,” has been selected as the primary candidate due to its more historically accurate aesthetic and energy efficient fixture.  A mock-up of the proposed replacement streetlight has been installed on Royal Street, near the southwest corner of City Hall.

Join the conversation and let us know what you think about the proposed replacement!

Contact Tony Gammon, Acting Deputy Director, Department of Project Implementation.

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