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Alexandria City Council to Hold Public Hearing on Regional Park Lease Renewal | News Release | City of Alexandria


On Saturday, June 18, Alexandria City Council will hold a public hearing to receive input on a request by the Northern Virginia Park Authority (“NOVA Parks”) to renew its lease for Cameron Run Regional Park on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria.  The current lease between the City and the Authority expires in 2021, and the proposal under consideration would extend the lease period to 2036.

The 26-acre park, which the Authority has operated since 1982 on City-owned land, features the “Great Waves” wave pool and water slides, a mini golf course, and batting cages.  The Authority’s market research indicates that more than half of City residents regularly use the park.  If the park lease is renewed, the Authority intends to upgrade its major water ride.

As part of the new lease period, NOVA Parks also plans to purchase an 18th-century house at 517 Prince St.  The house, known as Murray’s Livery, was built in 1772 and is believed to be the most authentic and largely unaltered home in Alexandria.  NOVA Parks intends to operate the house as a historical asset with periodic educational programming.  The Authority also maintains and operates the 18th-century Carlyle House Historic Park at 121 N. Fairfax St.

City Council’s hearing will occur as part of its regular meeting on June 18, in the Council Chamber in Alexandria City Hall, 301 King St.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m., with public comments regarding items not on the docket, and City Council will then discuss and take public comments on docket items, including the park lease. Background material and a form to sign up to speak at the hearing are linked from the meeting docket.

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