Safety Milestone: Metro Completes Removal of Porcelain Insulators From All Underground Stations | News Release | WMATA

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Metro GM/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld today announced that all porcelain third-rail insulators at underground station platforms have been replaced with safer, more heat-resistant fiberglass insulators throughout the entire Metrorail system.

Wiedefeld accelerated the removal of porcelain insulators from underground stations following an arcing insulator incident at Federal Center SW that resulted in a temporary suspension of Metrorail service between Eastern Market and L’Enfant Plaza stations in May.

The specially-designed fiberglass rail insulators support the third rail, which provides 750 volts of electric traction power to Metro railcars. Third-rail insulators are installed at intervals of approximately 10 feet along the more than 230 miles of Metrorail track.

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