City of Alexandria Provides Updates on Local Impacts of SafeTrack Surge #3 | News Release | City of Alexandria


Photo from wmata.com

The first day of Metrorail’s third Safety Surge went relatively smoothly, with many commuters choosing alternatives provided by the City of Alexandria, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA), and partner agencies.  Surge #3 includes a complete suspension of Metrorail service between the Braddock Road and National Airport stations from the evening of July 5 through July 11. 


On Wednesday, July 6:

  •  WMATA reported that Metrorail ridership in the affected area decreased 70% during the morning rush hour.
  • As expected, ridership significantly increased among transit alternatives such as regular bus service and special shuttles provided by DASH; Metroway service on the Rt. 1 transitway; and Metrobus.
  • Traffic volume was slightly below normal in both the morning and evening rush hours, but the City strongly urges motorists to use alternate transportation options, telecommute, or drive during off-peak periods.

From July 7 through July 11, DASH is increasing northbound trips in Parkfairfax during the morning peak period to maintain quality service on the AT 3 and AT 4 routes. 

Travelers who need to get to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport during Surge #3 should consider alternatives beyond the free airport shuttle bus from the Braddock Road Metro Station, because there may still be a wait for these buses during peak periods.


The City will continue to monitor traffic flow in its Traffic Management Center, and will provide staff at the Braddock Road Metro Station to ease the transition from Metrorail to shuttle bus. The City urges travelers to stay informed and make a plan using the detailed options described at alexandriava.gov/SafeTrack.


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