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Dash Bus Service Improvements | News Release | City of Alexandria

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DASH Service Improvements 

Effective September 4th


On Sunday, September 4th, DASH will implement the following service improvements on the:

AT1, AT4, AT5, AT7, AT8 & AT9

Check the new DASH Ride Guide for route and schedule informationas minor schedule
adjustments have been made on many routes to improve coordination and reliability.


Service Improvements:

  • AT1: Buses will run every 15 minutes during weekday peak periods.
  • AT9: Saturday service will be extended to operate from Potomac Yard to Mark Center Station.

North Old Town Service Changes:


  • AT4: 
    • Service between Braddock Metro Station & City Hall will operate via Montgomery & Madison Streets.
    • AT5 will now serve stops on Slaters Lane & Abingdon Drive, NOT the AT4.




  • AT5: 
    • Service between King Street & Braddock Road Metros will operate via Duke Street, Washington Street, Abingdon Drive & Slaters Lane.
    • AT8 will now serve King Street & the AT8 & AT4 will serve Fairfax & Montgomery/Madison Streets, NOT the AT5.




  • AT7: 
    • Service between King Street Metro & the Lee Center will operate via King, S. Royal & Gibbon/Franklin Streets for bi-directional service in Old Town.
    • AT5 will now serve Old Town stops on Duke Street, NOT the AT7.
  • AT8: 
    • Service between King Street Metro and Old Town will operate via King, Fairfax, and Montgomery/Madison Streets & will extend to terminate at Braddock Road Metro Station.
    • AT5 will now serve Old Town stops on Duke & Washington Streets, NOT the AT8.



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